Welcome to the website of John R. Mullaney, one of the UK's leading architectural illustrators and specialists in cross-section and aerial perspectives.

John produces property portraits and high detail artist's impressions for the property market and his work is used by architects, property developers, planning consultants and archaeological conservationists. His film licensing work has also gained international acclaim having been published in conjunction with Pixar, Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios.

John uses both traditional and digital media and will often combine the two to achieve a distinctive hybrid-style. The result combines watercolour's natural aesthetic with the precision and detail that computer generated imagery offers.

He is a Fellow and Council member of the Society of Architectural Illustration.



John is currently working on another licensed project for the ALIEN franchise and will be producing cutaway art for two more major studio sci-fi properties later in the year.



Last year was a busy one with multiple graphic and property design commissions. In the summer, John and family were lucky enough to receive a private tour of Lightstorm Entertainment's archive at their Los Angeles HQ. JIm Cameron's fikm-making has been a huge influence on John's work and it was an incredible experience to come face to face with the original iconic props from Terminator, Aliens, Avatar and Titanic. Photos of the tour can be seen here. Special thanks to Josh Izzo for making it all possible.




- John contributes 6,000 word essay to the NostromoFiles blog in which he reminisces about his childhood sci-fi influences, gives his thoughts on 1979's Alien and shares his ambitions for cutaway about the franchise.


- John is proud to announce the publication of 343 Industries' title  Halo Warfleet on which John collaborated with the legendary Hans Jenssen. Between them Hans and John have generated 10 new highly detailed cutaway artworks depicting ships from the HALO universe.


- John releases his new film EEV: Making The Art Of to mark this year's Alien Day ( April 26th ) . His previous film APC Cutaway has now received over 32,000 views.


- John has completed his collaboration project with Hans Jenssen on a cutaways book project for a major science-fiction franchise. Details to follow later this year.




- John is currently working on a new cutaway art project for a major franchise with world-renowned artist Hans Jenssen




- New Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report artwork can be viewed here

- John appears on the Sending A Wave podcast with Gareth Cooper and attempts to play the new Firefly board game 'Fistful of Credits'. Thanks to Wendy and Odile for the invite onto the show.


- London Premiere of APC Cutaway: Special Edition. Photos here.

- The full 13 minute Special Edition edit of APC Cutaway can be seen here

- John appears on the Perfect Organism podcast and discusses his contribution to 'Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report'. Thanks to Peter Haight and Jaime Prater for the invite onto their podcast.


-The 4 minute edit of John's new making-of film 'APC Cutaway' is released online - you can watch it here .

The Special Edition 14 minute cut will be available to watch online in September.

- Special thanks to Trenderous.com for featuring APC Cutaway on their site


-John's new making-of film 'APC Cutaway' is scheduled for a Spring release and has been produced in association with Fox and Insight Editions. 'APC Cutaway' will be available to watch online and features original new music by Last Picture Show. Details on release dates to follow.




- New Imgur gallery of John's work here



- John is very proud to announce his involvement in in the forthcoming title about the Alien franchise The Weyland Yutani Report, which features 9 brand new artworks by him. You can view 3 of these new spreads within the sci-fi gallery.

- John's forthcoming exhibition of science-fiction artwork at the Anise Gallery in London will now take place in 2015 - dates to be confirmed in due course.



- Autumn exhibition of John's original sci-fi work will take place in London in November 2014. Watch this space for details.

- Having completed 9 major new artworks John is now hard at work cutting together the making of film of his most recent sci-fi project. 

- " Framing them Immediately " Nathan Fillion tweets his thanks for receiving a set of Serenity cutaways. The edition sells out in minutes.

- Sigourney Weaver & the cast of Aliens sign one of the last remaining Dropship prints, describing it as " One of the best and unique items they have had the pleasure to autograph". 



John is midway through a series of illustrations for a seminal sci-fi film studio property. The artworks will appear in a licensed publication due for release later this year. 



Just 5 sets of Serenity Artist Proofs are now remaining



- John's latest cutaway artwork is of Games Workshop's Baneblade Imperial Guard Tank. The artwork appears in the role play company's latest publication. 

Click here to see the artwork or visit his Facebook page to see close up details and making-of portfolios.

- If you missed John's Concorde April Fool news story , click here to see it again.  Thanks to everyone who Facebook-shared a link to this piece of promo, to Clear Comms copywriting  for the words and to James Mullaney for all the web skills.


- Congratulations to Ty Hickey on winning a set of Serenity Cutaway Artist proofs


- Aviation Portraits page added to the site in April 2013


- www.thetopdraw.com receives structural overhaul, facelift and brand new content. Big thanks to my brother James for all his hard work on the site.


- Since 2012 , John has been developing a major film studio publishing project. Watch this space for details.


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 APC Cutaway [Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report]

"How *did* you do that?" is a question people often ask me about my cutaway art. Now I can point them towards this…

I'm very proud to unveil the 4 minute edit of APC Cutaway. Creating the artwork, the film and its music were labours of love so it's very exciting to finally be able to share it with you. I hope you enjoy the film. The full 13 minute special edition edit can be viewed here.

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